Water saving

Thanks to the patented mechanical-suction system, a Dulevo sweeper can operate without any water. This is important both in industrial and cost-efficiency terms.

Water is a fundamental life force for all living beings on this planet, and it is not a renewable resource.

Dulevo manufactures the only sweeper in the world that sweeps without wasting a single drop of water.

Dulevo knows: every drop counts.

Saving and efficiency

The fact that Dulevo sweeping machines can operate without water leads to a series of advantages and savings:

  • Fuel savings. During working hours, a Dulevo sweeper saves approximately 0.4 gallons of fuel per hour, compared to a truck-mounted sweeper.

  • Water savings. A Dulevo sweeper saves over 400 gallons of water per work shift

  • Savings on unloading costs. With a Dulevo sweeper savings are achieved on landfill disposal, as 100% disposal of dry material is permitted.

  • Time savings. Thanks to three times higher work capacity compared to any other suction sweeper, a Dulevo sweeper is able to save up to 2 hours per work shift in municipal applications.

  • Manpower savings. Unlike other suction sweepers, a Dulevo sweeper is able to pick up debris of any size and weight, thus assuring remarkable manpower savings.

  • Guaranteed sweeping 365 days a year. Thanks to its patented mechanical-suction system, a Dulevo sweeper guarantees 365 work days a year, even if the temperature drops below zero.

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