The mechanical-suction system

How it works

Dirt is mechanically collected by side brooms that convey debris to the center of the machine, where it is hurled at high speed onto a vertical conveyor by the central cylindrical brush.

Debris is loaded from above into the waste container, thus optimizing the vehicle's load capacity.

After being lifted by the central cylindrical brush, dust is sucked up and retained in the waste container thanks to the vacuum created in it by two high flow and high pressure head suction valves.

This special fabric filtering system also retains the finest particles and completes the sweeping cycle, while ensuring only clean air flows back into the environment.

An ideal system for road sweeping

Thanks to the advantages of the mechanical-suction pick-up system, Dulevo sweepers are ideal for a wide range of urban applications, both in terms of type and weather conditions:

  • road sweeping in the summer, with sand and dust

  • road sweeping in the fall, with piles of leaves and pine needles

  • litter collection after street markets

  • sweeping in winter at very low temperature

As a matter of fact, only the side brooms (due to their position beyond the vacuum area) require spraying with a small amount of water to keep dust under control, so sweeping can be carried out even without any water.


Application of this innovative sweeping system on Dulevo sweepers assures:

  • Higher sweeping speed compared to a suction sweeper

  • Picking up heavy and large litter thanks to the side brooms and the vacuum created inside the container

  • Ability to operate with little or even no water

  • Ability to operate on wet surfaces

  • The picked up dust remains in the container

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Power Supply


yd3 of the container

Width space to clean ft2h

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