Dulevo 90

Main data
Model90 EH
Minimum cleaning track (in)35.43
Maximum cleaning track (in)59.05
Container capacity (gal)89.8
Hourly performance (ft2/h)96800
Power supplyElectric 36V
Filtration PM10 (%)99

The Dulevo 90 ride-on sweeper has been designed for operation in all dusty applications.

It is able to capture from the finest particles up to gravel-sized debris. The Dulevo 90 ride-on sweeper is perfect for heavy-duty industrial applications, public areas, loading and unloading areas such as warehouses, loading bays, car parks, etc.

Fitted with the same features as top-of-the-range industrial machines

The Dulevo 90 industrial sweeper has all the features of top-of-the-range industrial machines: capacious hopper, high power, exceptional sweeping and suction performance.

Advanced filter for better results in a shorter time and at lower costs

In addition to the high quality filter fitted as standard, the Dulevo 90 ride-on sweeper can also be equipped with an even higher performance filter.

Gore® technology guarantees the best filtering results thanks to improved dust control (up to 1 micron), improved suction, easier and more cost-effective maintenance

Ergonomic and efficient

Easy access to all components and entirely hydraulic technology make this sweeper user-friendly and cost-effective.

The 90 sweeper is available in the EH version with battery-powered engine, for indoor and outdoor areas. This version can also be fitted with an extensive range of accessories.

Other features:

  • Direct load sweeping system for exceptional results, even under especially heavy-duty operating conditions

  • Steel body suitable for heavy duty operation

  • Water cooled engines to assure operation in very hot weather and over extended periods of time

  • Power steering for a more comfortable and pleasant driving experience

  • Compacting system inside the hopper to increase collection capacity

  • Little maintenance required as all functions are hydraulically operated.

  • No electronics

  • SBS system: this exclusive device is designed to maintain constant pressure on brooms thus preventing unnecessary wear and energy waste

  • Belt-less turbine that does not require maintenance

  • No tools required to replace the central broom

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