The only sweeper that is also a road washer

Both a road sweeper and washer combining manoeuvrability, affordability and reliability, offering truly superior sweeping and washing quality.

The most ecological sweeper in the world

Super resistant, 100% clean, 99% reduction of PM10 particles, the Dulevo 6000 Combi road sweeper is recognised in the world as the most ecological machine on the market, compliant with EPA and EURO standards.

A sweeper designed for road and industrial cleaning

The Dulevo 6000 Combi industrial and road sweeper has been specifically designed for road and industrial cleaning, such as at grocery markets, ports and airports.

Compact, silent, comfortable, attractive and easy to drive, the Dulevo 6000 Combi has also set a new standard in terms of operator comfort, due to the application of state-of-the-art technologies for the reduction of cabin noise.

For indoor and outdoor use, wet and dry operation, roads and pavements

Designed for both road and industrial sweeping, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, wet or dry operation.

Thanks to the front or rear washing bar with extendible arm, the Dulevo 6000 Combi is capable of washing all surfaces, including roads and pavements, even in the presence of parked cars.

The perfect solution for the effective cleaning of pavements, it efficiently and silently channels debris towards the centre of the road.

A filter which eliminates fine particles

For application in high dust levels and where the total reduction of particles seems an impossible feat, the Dulevo 6000 Combi road sweeper can also be fitted with an exclusive Gore® filter, the best solution available on the market for the reduction of fine particles.


Four-wheel, synchronised and hydraulic steering makes this road sweeper highly manoeuvrable, even in the most complex situations.

Technologies for sustainability