Noise reduction

The mechanical-suction system has an array of impressive features.

One of the main features is that it is able to sweep cities without disturbing the peace.

The average sound level emitted by a suction sweeper is around 75 dbA, a level of sound emission that causes extreme stress. This basically comes down to two reasons: low suction flow and engine.

Noise reduction through sweeper suction flow

The suction turbine is usually the largest source of noise in a sweeper. The greater the amount of air flowing out of the turbine, the louder the noise – the greater the amount of air displaced by the turbine, the louder the noise produced.

In a Dulevo mechanical-suction sweeper, only a small amount of air is required for excellent sweeping results, as it is only used to retain particles raised into the atmosphere. This enables the Dulevo mechanical-suction system to maintain extremely low sound emission levels.

Reduction of noise produced by sweeper engine

The second cause of noise generated by a sweeper is the engine. The faster an engine runs, the higher the sound emitted. Said emissions become even higher if the sweeper is fitted with a second engine.

Dulevo mechanical-suction sweepers feature a much more efficient and productive pick-up system, even with low engine power.

Methane-powered engines: further noise reduction

Dulevo mechanical-suction sweepers already feature very low emission levels in the Diesel version, and are even more noiseless in the methane-powered version. Two additional cylinders, cycle EIGHT and low running speeds make the Dulevo methane-powered sweeper the most noiseless machine on the market, for industrial and urban use.

Low noise levels are not only an advantage for people around the sweeper, but also for those whose job it is to use them. Drivers can now work in comfortable, clean and noiseless conditions.

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