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Zero emission sweepers

Thanks to its prestigious partnership with the GORE® Group and intensive research, Dulevo is proud to officially introduce a range of total filtering and zero emission road sweepers.

Forty years ago, when Dulevo took its first steps in the world of street and industrial sweeping, the key idea was to develop a sweeping machine with innovative features and technologies, to offer a product that stood out from any other kind of sweeper on the market at the time, targeting companies and local authorities. That is how the Dulevo patented mechanical-suction-filtering system was born.

Methane-powered road sweepers

Advanced research carried out by Dulevo over the years, as well as the invaluable cooperation of independent research bodies and institutions, have led the company to becoming the only one in the world to fit fabric filters with over 99.9% certified PM10 particle filtering level.

Without resting on its laurels, Dulevo went on to transcend its own technological ambition, developing a methane-powered mechanical-suction sweeper.

Without compromising on sweeping performance, Dulevo succeeded in developing a new sweeper, inspired by the company's respect for the environment, cities and residents.

Major project features:

  • The use of natural gas drastically reduces emissions

  • All the most advanced technologies have been deployed to ensure installation is absolutely hazard-free

The 6000 CNG and 6000 HYDRO CNG sweepers guarantee minimum noise, zero emission of particles into the atmosphere, no pollutants from the combustion of diesel or gasoline that power the sweeper, and the absolute certainty, truly for the very first time, of supplying local authorities with a zero emission machine.

The EURO6 engine: a new standard for emission reduction

A number of Dulevo sweepers can be fitted with a Euro 6 engine.

The HI-eSCR exhaust gas after-treatment system fitted in Euro 6 engines uses clean air to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize particle production.
Exhaust gases are not recycled during this process, to reduce diesel consumption and increase performance.

The HI-eSCR uses a catalyst that chemically reacts with a water-urea solution (AdBlue) and converts NOx emissions into nitrogen and water vapor.

In addition, engines are also fitted with an electronically controlled exhaust valve, which assures compliance with Euro 6 emission regulations.

This Euro 6 after-treatment system improves consumption, reduces installation complexity while keeping vehicle maintenance requirements unchanged.

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