Given the intensive use and high numbers of people and vehicles at ports, airports and highways, sweeping is essential for optimal use of such facilities.

Dulevo caters for the port, airport and highway sweeping market, with a series of specific models for sweeping runways, junctions, port, airport junctions and yards as well as highways.

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Special applications

  • Dulevo D6

    Dulevo D6 paves the way for a new sweeping experience. Its unique DNA blends with the most advanced technology ever to once…
  • Dulevo D3

    the New Dulevo D3 follows the way taken with the Dulevo D6 for a new sweeping experience. Its unique DNA blends with the most…
  • Dulevo D.zero² Hydro

    The only electrical road washer in the world 100% electrical, 100% performance Dulevo D.zero2 Hydro is the first entirely electrical…
  • Dulevo D.zero²

    100% electric, 100% performance The D.zero² is the first 100% electric street sweeper created by Dulevo. Thanks to its innovative,…
  • Dulevo 6000

    The idea Innovative design, solid structures, effective solutions for all applications and the exclusive, capacious litter hopper…
  • Dulevo 850

    A sweeper for city centers and for the environment The Dulevo 850 suction road sweeper is designed for the heart of the city and…
  • Dulevo 100

    The Dulevo 100 ride-on sweeper has been designed for operation in all dusty applications. It is able to capture from the finest…